Signs and Such

Friday, April 10, 2009 / Posted by Aaron / comments (1)

Today the harvest missions team and myself put up a 16 foot cross near the side of the 15 freeway in Yermo on the way to Vegas. Larry (the missions leader), owns a bit of land there and had set up 10 signs displaying the ten commandments alongside the road a few years ago. Larry decided to set up the cross due to the ACLU's actions to remove an 8 foot cross in Mojave.

While we were building the signs, a few people honked their horns in approval of our work. One person however called us a bunch of pagans, which I am still trying to figure out since, according to Mr. Webster means one who is not a Christian.

Along with the occasional honks, we received a siren from a CHP helicopter, which proceeded to land a few feet from where we were working. It turns out the two officers read about what we were doing in an article in the local paper (which was on the front page) and decided to come out and support us.
After we put up the signs, we had a time worship and Larry gave a short devotional message.
All I can say is that it was a pretty blessed Good Friday.

You can read the article online here.

I'm Such A Slacker.

Friday, February 13, 2009 / Posted by Aaron / comments (0)

Yeah, I know I haven't posted anything lately, but I will soon.

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Sing along to Singalong!

Friday, January 23, 2009 / Posted by Aaron / comments (1)

So, I just got the new Phil Wickham album "Singalong" and I must say, it's pretty good! I especially love the hymns that are included in on the album. If you do not have it yet, you can download it for free (legally, of course) at Phil's Website. Enjoy!

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Yes, it's here, My first Blog Post!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009 / Posted by Aaron / comments (3)

Well, I'm 18 today.
Life seems to be going by me at warp speed! I mean just yesterday I was a kid, now I'm (gasp!) an Adult.
To be honest, it's really not so different as I thought it would be. I agree with C. S. Lewis, "Parts of me are still 12 and I think that other parts were already 50 when I was 12".
Well, I'd love to talk more about myself, but I got some candles to blow out.


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